Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stash-to-Story Update: What's New, How to Submit

Greetings all!  Time for an update. My life has taken a wonderful turn: I'm now studying for a second undergraduate degree in biochemistry. That change is its own story and someday I will share. For now, I'm overly occupied with studying math and chemistry to narrate my own career-change!

Yet, I am still committed to Stash-to-Story. I am passionate about encouraging others to tell and preserve their stories. Instead of actively gathering stories, I'm accepting what comes my way and holding them in a queue.

Please follow these steps to contact me or to get your story on this blog:

  • If you have sent a story in and have not seen it on this blog please resubmit it to me directly at:
  • If you'd like to submit a story please submit it directly to me at
  • Please direct any questions, concerns, or ideas to me at
  • Please note that I'm expanding my collection to all forms of craft.
  • I will be giving occasional Stash-to-Story classes in the greater Boston area including SouthCoast Massachusetts. Email me at for the next class.

Above all: remember, to tell your story. You must carry your story into the future by its telling. You will enhance the value and appreciation of the craft you practice and love.

I look forward to the time when I can resume this project. In the meantime, every stitch tells a story -- be sure to tell yours.
Be well!

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